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For the Parents

Discover essential information & some of the most popular FAQ's about our school.

Walk in the Woods

Safety First

Lighthouse has a Comprehensive Safety and Emergency Plan that we follow. Awareness drills are held throughout the year.

School Bus & Children

Car Pools

LCS does not provide transportation to and from school. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of carpooling. Please remember to discuss the details of timeliness and adequacy of car insurance if you plan to work with someone. 

School Children

Dress Code

  • Preschool and Kindergarten shirts are not available through our uniform store due to sizing, but must be plain navy, white, red, or heather gray polo style.   Pants, jumpers, or skirts must be traditional/classic uniform style in khaki or navy blue. 

  • First grade through Eighth grade LCS School uniforms are changing.  The new uniforms must be ordered at  New this year also is a required gym uniform for Middle School students (sixth to eight grade). If you still have t-shirts with logos, you may use them for gym only.   Mesh shorts and/or sweatpants in navy blue along with a LCS logoed T-shirt is the required gym uniform.

Siblings in Snow

Weather Delays & Closings

We use the ONE CALL NOW system to notify our parents of all schedule changes. We also post alerts on WBOC’s website Please do not call the school office in the event of a closing or delay. Refer to one of the methods above. 

Lunch Break


Students pack lunches, a morning snack, and a closable water container daily. It is not possible to heat up food for students.   

In the Classroom


Tuition is charged in 10 equal payments, beginnings August 1 and ending May 1. It is paid through Facts Management, not the school office. There is a multi-family discount in grades K-8th. More information about the Facts program can be obtained by contacting Donna Anderson in the school office.

Elementary School Teacher


Preschool, SHINE, and Kindergarten -- Starfall

Grades 1-8 for Math, Language Arts, and spelling --  Abeka Bible -- Positive Action

Elementary Reading and History -- Bob Jones Press

Middle School History -- Bob Jones

Grades 1 - 8 Science --  Purposeful Design 

Children in Playground

After School Care

LCS offers before and after school care or parent's convenience. Some parents use the program daily on a regular basis. It can also be used for unexpected emergencies. Weekly care is available with a discount for additional children in the same family. Unexpected drop-in care is also available for a per day cost. 

Doing Homework

Home School Information

Lighthouse Christian School is proud to partner with families who home school their children by offering them the opportunity to participate in specific academics, athletics, and electives during the year. Please contact the school office for more information about the home school program.

After School

For More Information

Lighthouse Christian School is committed to every student's growth: spiritually, physically, and academically.  We would love to have you and your family become part of the Lighthouse family!

Please call the main office to get more information about enrolling your child.  (302) 732-3309

Kids Doctor Checkup

Health & Medication Information

Students may not come to school if they have a fever over 99.50. If they develop a fever or become sick at school they will be sent home. Children with a fever must remain home until the fever has been gone for at least 24 hours. That means that no child leaving school with a fever can return the next day. Also, fevers are always higher in the evening so no child who has a fever at bedtime can come to school the next day. LCS does not administer any medication, prescription or over the counter, to students.

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