Friday, November 30, 2018

LCS Basketball Practice Information

LCS basketball
We have been approved for East Millsboro for basketball practice so we will be splitting the teams. Below you will see the schedule we will be following.
Week of
             Girl’s practice schedule Boy’s practice schedule 
12/3      Girls will be @ East Millsboro Boys will be at Lord Baltimore and Ocean View Church of Christ
12/10    Girls @ LB and OVCC         Boys @ EM
12/17    Girls @ EM                 Boys @ LB & OVCC
12/31    Girls @ LB & OVCC         Boys @ EM
1/17      Girls @ EM                 Boys @ LB & OVCC
1/14      Girls @LB &OVCC         Boys @ EM
1/21      Girls @ EM                 Boys @ LB & OVCC
1/28      Girls @ LB & OVCC         Boys @ EM
2/4        Girls @ EM         Boys @ LB & OVCC
2/11      Girls @ LB & OVCC         Boys @ EM
2/18      Girls @ EM                 Boys @ LB & OVCC

Practice at LB (Lord Baltimore) is Mondays only. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays is at OVCC (Ocean View Church of Christ), if there is no school there is no practice.
We will try to be back as close to 6:00pm as possible, there is some take down and setup at the church.

3:00 to 3:30 is homework time if your child chooses not to take advantage of this time they must remain silent so the ones that are working can concentrate. There will be running involved for those that are not quite. Running will be done during practice, which means they are not practicing, which means they will not be playing, please help stress this to your student.