Friday, May 31, 2013

1st Grade

Goals & Objectives

At Lighthouse Christian School, we offer an inviting, multi-culturally diverse learning environment where six and seven year olds are free to explore, and grow academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally in the following ways:

  • Bible: weekly lessons, and memory verses, crafts
  • Christian Character Building: Galatians 5
  • Phonics: phonemic awareness & mastery, rhyming, opposites, root words with suffixes and prefixes & contractions
  • Sentence Structure in reading and writing
  • Reading: fluency, accuracy, expression, comprehension, vocabulary, sequencing, inference, predictions, genres, oral book reports, graphic organizers
  • Writing: penmanship, introductory cursive, learns processes & forms of creative writing, research, and learning logs for Science, authoring and illustrating their own books
  • Arithmetic: variable counting to and from 100, place values, addition and subtraction for families 1-13, problem solving, money, telling time, graphs, measurements, introduction to fractions, thermometer reading, logical thinking, geometry, story problems
  • Science & History
  • Projects: dioramas, posters, creative art, class book, 100’s Day & field trips
  • Weekly Chapel service & student-led worship
  • Electives include: Spanish language, Chess, Art, Gym, Music, Computer