Friday, May 31, 2013

1st-8th Grade Physical Education

Goals & Objectives

At Lighthouse Christian School we desire to educate and energize our students through a variety of physical education games and activities. It is our desire to keep our God given temple (our body), healthy and fit, so our goals are as follows:


  • Introduction of games to help:
  • Develop eye hand coordination
  • Develop eye foot coordination
  • Develop higher fitness levels 

  • Continue eye hand coordination development
  • Continue eye foot coordination development
  • Continue to develop higher fitness levels
  • Introduce and emphasize team sports and sportsmanship
  • Introduce a variety of new and more challenging games
  • Teaching rules, boundaries, and the “play” of the game 

  • Continue to develop eye/hand, eye/foot and higher fitness levels
  • Continue to emphasize team sports, sportsmanship and leadership
  • Introduce new team sports with rules and terminology including soccer, basketball, flag football, baseball, fast pitch softball and field hockey.
  • We also offer a structured intermural sports program for middle school aged students in addition to in school physical education class.