Friday, May 31, 2013

1st-8th Grade Computer Technology

Goals & Objectives

The goal of our computer technology class is to help students become familiar with the basic functions and operations of desktop, laptop, and tablet computing. Starting with an introduction of computer & information technology throughout history, students will learn about the basic hardware of a computer and progress to learning about the various software applications that are available to them as well. This class is very much hands-on. While the basics concepts and skills will be taught, students in both elementary and middle school age levels will demonstrate skills they have learned through various projects they will be required to complete.

While Computer Technology will be offered to 1st-8th grades, the concepts taught and the projects given will vary between elementary and middle school levels. The information covered in grades 1-5 will apply to more of a beginner & intermediate user while the information covered in grades 6-8 will apply to a intermediate & advanced user.

The following areas will be covered:
  • Basics of a Computer: Hardware (monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, speakers, USB drives, printer, etc.) (1st-8th)
  • The Internet & PC Setup (Mozilla Firefox browser, Google search, etc.) (1st-8th)
  • Keyboarding (basic concepts, technique, expectations, WPM “words per minute”) (1st-8th)
  • Network Basics (introduce the “student” drive, flash drives, folder locations, etc.) (6th-8th)
  • E-mail (compose & send, email etiquette, attaching items, forwarding, etc.) (6th-8th)
  • Word Processing: Using Microsoft Word 2013 (1st-8th)
  • Spreadsheets: Using Microsoft Excel 2013 (6th-8th)
  • Effective Presentations: Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (1st-8th) 
Throughout the year, other areas of computer technology will be introduced and discussed as time allows.