Thursday, January 5, 2017

LCS 2017 Spirit Week

Mon, 1/9:  Monday morning...who has time to coordinate a great outfit?  Good thing it's MISMATCH MONDAY J

Tue, 1/10:  Get back into uniform...but go wild with your socks and top it off with a zany hat!                                               

Wed, 1/11:  It's the middle of the week.  Get into the spirit of it with Red, White, Blue, & YOU!   Ms. Jess had the most patriotic class last year...who will it be in 2017?

Thu, 1/12:  It's a new year.  Perfect time to try out that new hair style. Go big, go colorful, go crazy!

Fri, 1/13:  Friday's here, let's give a cheer for the long weekend!
Celebrate with your favorite sports jersey/athletic wear. 
Go Patriots!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sussex County Fire Prevention Awards

Sussex County Vol. Firefighters Association honored winners of this year's Poster and Essay Contest on November 22nd. Students all across the state in Kindergarten through the 3rd grade prepare a Poster on an assigned Fire Prevention theme. Students from 4th grade through 8th grade prepare essays. These are judged at the local level and then proceed to County Judging. This year's County Winner's from LCS included Danny Williams, Lia Lloyd-Wood, Audrey Gulab, and Eliana Hudson. Fist place LCS winners are: Eliana Hudson, Audrey Gulab, Jackson McAllister, Aubrey Schirmer, Tianna Behrmann, Nathan Walker, Tristen Singh, Lia Lloyd-Wood, and Danny Williams.

Thanksgiving 2016

Ahhhh. The all-American holiday. Giving thanks for all of God's blessings; Pilgrims and Indians feasting; helping our neighbors, big kids playing football...Enjoy our photos of the turkey dinner, Thanksgiving for 1000's event , and 2016 Turkey Bowl!

Honoring Our Veterans

LCS students of all ages presented a special tribute to the branches of our military. Community members and students expressed appreciation for our military with music, cards, gifts, presentations, and a special luncheon. Special thanks to organizers Mr. Rudy and Mrs. Pat Viguie, local restaurants who donated food buffet items, and Lighthouse for putting on this yearly program which blesses so many.